Online Security of Accounts

Security of online accounts is very essential in the modern world. Here are few platforms and the two-factor authentication methods to ensure the safety.

  1. Paypal – Pay more securely online

In order to secure PayPal with two-way authentication, a registration is necessary, just like with the other cloud services. After logging in, the settings are called up via the gear symbol. The two-way authentication can be found under the menu item Security. By clicking on Change under Security Key, users first create a new key. To do this, click on Order for free clicked. By entering the mobile phone number, an SMS with a PIN can be sent to the corresponding telephone number. This is indicated in the window.

The security key and two-way authentication are then activated. The next time you log in, the message appears that an SMS with a PIN should be sent to the stored telephone number. The code for registration can be seen in the SMS.

2.    Microsoft accounts – Windows 8 .1 and Windows 10 with two-way authentication

Even Microsoft accounts  can be a two-way authentication to secure. After the user name and password have been entered, users must additionally verify themselves in order to log in.

  • After logging in to the account, the setup takes place via Security and Data Protectionand then via Additional Security Settings under Account Security.
  • Then the wizard starts via the link Set up an exam in two steps inthe area Examination in two steps.

To do this, a free Microsoft app shows a PIN on the smartphone that has to be specified or simply confirmed for registration. Only then will the registration be accepted. The PIN is created by the app itself; a mobile phone or internet connection is not necessary. If users no longer want to use this function, they can deactivate the two-factor authentication at the same point at any time.

3.    Twitter – More security through 2-way authentication

Twitter can also be secured with two-way authentication. The configuration required for this takes place via the profile settings. Two-way authentication can be found above security and privacy . As part of the setup, a telephone number must be specified here, which is used for additional authentication on Twitter. In addition to logging in with a user name and password, users must then log in with a PIN that is sent via SMS or an app.

4.    Dropbox – two-way authentication for cloud storage

Cloud storage systems are of course particularly sensitive when it comes to access by unauthorized users, because this is where private data is normally stored that no other user should receive. After logging in to Dropbox, the account menu can be found in the upper right area.

  • The Dropbox security settingscan be accessed by selecting Settings – Security .
  • The link Activate by clickingon Two-step verification activates two-factor authentication.
  • After activation, the code for registration is transmitted either via SMS or with an authentication appsuch as Google Authenticator.

5.    Use Office 365 with multi-way authentication

Office 365 offers multi-way authentication to ensure the security of the web interface and the login of mobile users via tablets and smartphones. The configuration of this technology is quite easy to find in the web interface. To do this, administrators have to click Active users in the Users and Groups area of ​​the Office 365 Admin Center.

Here all created users can be seen on the right side. In the upper area, administrators will find the option to Set multi-factor authentication requirements.

As soon as the user logs on to the Office 365 portal the next time, he receives a message that multi-factor authentication has been activated and that he must set it up for his account.

Of course, several or all users can also be adjusted at once in the web interface. The users can set up this security option via a wizard and use various functions.

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