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Instagram Story Ads

Instagram story ads are another type of ad, which you can run on Instagram to reach your target audience and engage them more easily with your brand.

Instagram Stories is a way for a user to view a series of posts (photos and/or videos) generated by a person or business on Instagram. Once they see the series of posts (stories), the posts will disappear, not again. Due to the nature of the posts that are quick to view and disappear once viewed, they get a high level of engagement on Instagram.

As an advertiser on Instagram, you have the opportunity to place an ad for your business in your Instagram Store (be it an icon or a 15-second video). If the user wants to know more about your offer, they can change it and take it directly to your site.

Getting Started with Instagram Ads

Creating Instagram ads is an intuitive and easy process. Let’s cover the nuts and bolts. If you’ve created Facebook ads in the past, you have to go before the curve. The process is basically the same.

If not here’s a new product just for you!

  1. Create an Instagram account

First, your business must have a Facebook page to run ads on Instagram. In fact, you can use this page as a “voice” for your ads.

But it’s best to create an Instagram account (don’t worry, it’s free) so you can communicate with your followers more efficiently and easily. Remember, it is the “conversation” with your target market that will raise your ROI so much from Instagram. Once you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page, make sure.

  1. Find, learn, and get out of the competition

Once you have your account, explore the platform a bit to familiarize yourself with the landscape. See which companies are posting in your niche and what kind of ads they are placing.

Click on the link to competitors’ ads and their free publications. So you can see, that’s what happens, where ads take you.

You can find some great tips for your Instagram campaigns, knowing what your competitors who are more experienced in performing Instagram ads are doing.

With your Instagram account, you should also start following organizations, individuals, or companies in your location. Engage and start commenting. Get your name out there.

  1. Copy is king

Once you become more familiar with the platform, you will be almost ready to create your first ad. But first, you want to make sure you have the right messaging.

Here’s a look at the old direct mail days:

A copy is a king! Basically, this means you need a standard copy to reach the audience and force action.

So make sure to try something in this area. Just don’t throw a copy in your Instagram ads. In fact, consider bringing in a copywriter to ensure your message is delivered.

  1. Creating Progressive Ads

Of course, Instagram ads are not free. So you don’t want to waste money on this endeavor, which will not work.

By getting acquainted with the platform, you know how messages resonate with your target market (which you learned from your “opposition research”), as well as producing high-quality copy as well as your own. Also, keep a close eye on ongoing campaigns. See what works best so you can. You will enjoy higher ROI and increase your chances of achieving your marketing goals. With your first ad, you want to make sure you don’t risk too much. It is a learning process. Once you know more about how the system works and which messaging is most effective, which you do by testing and keeping track of the results closely, you can boost your campaigns. Run with the winners.

Nuts and bolts

As far as actually creating ads. Just log in to your Facebook or Instagram account and head to the ad manager. The setup process is step by step and easy to follow.

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