Functions of ownCloud 9

Share, annotate, tag and track documents

The menu item for sharing documents or commenting can be accessed by users via the share symbol for each document on the right. Here you can add markings or write comments. Markings help to maintain an overview, especially in environments with numerous users and many documents.

The marking can sort of classified documents. This makes it easier to assign documents or explain photos and graphic drawings. Users can also use the comments to exchange information on these documents and discuss issues.

Simple sharing with other ownCloud users is also possible in this way. In addition to sharing documents, users can also work together with the documents. All new and revised functions are available via the release link of a document, as is the sharing of data. The overview of which other users have access to a shared document is much better than in the previous versions.

  • Comments

OwnCloud not only saves comments and markings in the files but also displays them in the activity feed/stream. This can be accessed directly from the start page, but also for any other document. In this way, the environment appears much more lively and users receive information on all stored documents much faster and more efficiently. Activities were already part of their ownCloud 8, but the developers have revised and improved the information in the activities.

  • Document Management

With the new version, the developers have improved the options for document management and made sharing easier. Above all, users benefit from the new tags and comments, including automatic notification. As soon as a user has to take an action or a comment is received that the user should answer, ownCloud displays a notification in the browser. The notification does not only appear as a message but also as an alarm symbol on the user name at the top right. If users work with free apps for smartphones and tablets, the messages also appear here as a pop-up.

Examples of this are released documents, queries about the calendar, but also self-configured alarms. Necessary updates are interesting for administrators. OwnCloud can also display this as a notification. The necessary acceptance of invitations triggers a notification. However, this information will no longer appear in the activity feed. Here the open-source software also offers functions that are also integrated into SharePoint and other document management systems.

  • Use video conferencing and Office Online

In order to edit or read documents online, the developers have integrated the online versions of Libre-Office into ownCloud. This is made possible through a collaboration with Collabora. This means that functions similar to those in Google Docs are available. No application is required on the computers to process documents, which is particularly useful when working on the move or on other computers. In addition, the Spreed video conference solution is integrated into ownCloud 9. Documents are much easier to find in the new version, as filters are available in the document view on the left-hand side, which makes the desired documents available by clicking on them.

The markings are also used for searching. After selecting the markings, a search field is available in the document view, which can also be used to search for markings. By clicking on the columns in the upper area, users can sort the various documents regardless of the search.

  • Better photo management, video player and PDF reader

The viewing and management of photos in the Gallery have also been improved. Navigating through the folders is much easier, viewing the images faster, especially in full-screen mode, and there is a button at the bottom right for starting a slide show. Here, of course, your ownCloud only shows the images of the currently open folder in the browser. Sharing documents is also easier.

In addition, the developers have integrated a video player with which videos can be played directly from OwnCloud without the need to install additional extensions and apps. A PDF player is also included in the new version. This shows PDF files without additional applications. The navigation also allows large documents to be viewed, as users can easily switch between the pages of the PDF.

  • Contacts and Calendars

Contacts and calendars are now part of the standard scope of ownCloud. The apps can no longer only be used as an additional installation, but are automatically integrated as soon as ownCloud 9 is installed.

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