File sharing in ownCloud

Advanced Sharing Permissions offer individual sharing functions at the user and group level. Secure View, in turn, provides restrictions on the transfer of confidential Office documents. But the developers are also improving the reliability of the file exchange.

ownCloud has updated the server version of its software of the same name to version 10.2. The update is intended to provide more freedom and security when transferring files. The developers provide the Advanced Sharing Permissions function for this purpose. Secure View is intended to ensure that compliance standards are met when documents are processed together.

The Advanced Sharing Permissions allow “individual sharing functions to be implemented at the user and group level,” the company announced. In addition, data can be provided with special security settings.

Secure View, developed in cooperation with Collabora Online, restricts the transfer of confidential data and information individually. The function supports common formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF, which can be set with restrictions so that recipients cannot edit, download or print files, for example. However, watermarks can also be defined to restrict printing. In this case, the watermark would reveal which user has passed on a document without permission.

According to the company, Secure View also creates “secure data rooms”. These sealed-off areas are intended to restrict the sharing of documents to authorized users. Progressive Distribution Consents and Secure View serve to suggestively upsurge security and user-friendliness in the context of appraisal procedures, when composed dispensation of Office documents or when exchanging information securely, continues ownCloud.

ownCloud Server 10.2 is also intended to improve the reliability of file exchange within an ownCloud instance. A new background process was developed for this, which records all file changes across instances. Users that work with files a lot from dissimilar examples are sure in forthcoming that they will at all times get the newest version of a file displayed,the  the feature is described in a press release.

With the update, however, users also receive new rights, for example, to activate or deactivate pending share independently of the global settings of an instance at the user level. The ability to be found within an instance can now also be regulated individually. A new sharing setting also ensures that recipients can view and download content, but not change it. An overview of all new features and changes in ownCloud Server 10.2 can be found in the release notes.

OwnCloud founder resigns as CTO

Frank Karlitschek wants to remain the project manager for open source development “unless the community decides otherwise”. The reason he cites open questions that affect the relationship between the company and the community – without direct allegations.

OwnCloud is free software for file hosting on your own servers, right up to the Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud solution (IaaS). Karlitschek developed the first version of the software himself and, four and a half years ago, was one of the founders of OwnCloud Inc, a service provider that helps companies use OwnCloud.

He is satisfied with the community project, writes the inventor of the solution, “with contributions from almost 1,000 people over the past six years, and at least 80 every month”. In contrast, the relationship between OwnCloud and the community is at least not ideal. The company have documented the community’s accomplishments supplementary. She sometimes has a propensity to control the work too closely and to discuss things within. Overall, the balance wasn’t too bad.

In his letter, Karlitschek writes that he founded the OwnCloud project a diminutive more than six years ago with the intention of enabling users, companies, institutions of higher education, and large companies to host their own cloud amenities and files. In a world of increasing sanctuary terrorizations, reconnaissance, and reconnaissance, this idea becomes more significant every day. “

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