Cloud Regions of Microsoft Azure

After reports about two new Microsoft data centers, Microsoft is now announcing new regions. A total of 50 new regions for Microsoft’s Azure cloud service are to be made available worldwide.

Microsoft announces new Azure availability zones. In addition to new data centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Geneva, and Zurich, two new data centers will also be built in Germany. However, Microsoft is not currently disclosing where these will be located. According to a map, the planned regions will be called Germany North and Germany Central. Germany Northeast and another Germany Central already exist. Switzerland North and Switzerland West are planned for Switzerland. Microsoft also wants to set up new data centers in South Africa and Australia. Microsoft is not currently announcing when the data centers in Germany will be available without the trustee model.

Aim of Microsoft

With the new offers, Microsoft wants to reach international companies. For them, the trustee model is apparently only the right solution in rare cases.

Microsoft now also announces that it is planning 50 availability regions. Microsoft will have to create twelve more regions for this. In the past three years, Microsoft had pushed the expansion of the infrastructure for Azure and more than doubled the number of available regions. According to its own information, Microsoft thus offers more regions than any other cloud provider.


Azure competitor and market leader Amazon Web Services delivers a total of 54 Availability Zones in 18 geographic regions worldwide. Twelve more regions are currently planned.

Microsoft is also making Office 365 and Dynamics 365 available in new regions and is now delivering these services to users in a total of 17 geographic regions.

In addition to the worldwide availability regions, Microsoft also offers a special German cloud, which is operated by Telekom, which means that Microsoft does not have access to customer data. The services are therefore also provided from Telekom’s data centers. As the Handelsblatt reported, the demand for this service is said to be rather low.

These protected areas run under the term Sovereign Regions at Microsoft. These are available for government agencies in the USA, the physically isolated Trusted Cloud in Germany, and for China, where Microsoft and a local provider offer their own version of Azure. Only yesterday it was announced in advance that Microsoft is now planning its own infrastructure in Germany

Reduction in rates

Microsoft is reducing Azure standard support from $ 300 to $ 100. The offer should be more oriented towards the cost of supporting Amazon Web Services. Microsoft also reduces the response time in critical cases. However, this does not apply to the separately priced Azure Germany Cloud.

Microsoft is reducing prices for Azure Standard Support from $ 300 to $ 100 per month. Microsoft is thus adjusting the prices to those of its competitor Amazon Web Services. Microsoft speaks in a blog of a “significant reduction in price”.

However, this discount only applies if a user purchases support on via a Microsoft Online Service Agreement (MOSA), as can be seen from an FAQ web page. Users who have signed an Enterprise Agreement do not qualify for this price reduction.

These users receive support within the framework of the already discounted Enterprise Agreement and there are already some advantages

available, such as General Advisory Support and Pooled Account Management Services. Microsoft continues to offer support for an entire organization. This means that no responsible departments have to be named that are allowed to contact Microsoft support.

However, Microsoft has its own price list anyway. Users who access the cheap global Azure, on the other hand, can also receive the discount.

Response Time

At the same time, Microsoft is reducing the response times for critical support cases (Severity A) from two hours to one hour as part of Azure Standard Support. Azure Germany is also excluded from this.

Users who already use standard support do not have to do anything for the discount. Microsoft will credit $ 200 per month for the current term. The starting point is the next billing period.

AWS Business Support, which is comparable to Azure Standard Support, is also available from $ 100. Microsoft offers the next level support for medium and large customers starting at 1000 dollars per month.

Microsoft recently extended the patent promise for Azure to include Azure Stack. This protects users from lawsuits related to open source components in the on premise version of the cloud solution.

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